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Wild Clay Bristol

Clay Cat Portraits

Clay Cat Portraits

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Ready for a truly one-of-a-kind treat? Say hello to our "Custom Kitty Keepsakes" – the perfect way to celebrate your very own furry friend! 🐾

Each "Custom Kitty Keepsake" can be tailored to feature your beloved pet. We'll create a miniature masterpiece that captures the essence of your unique furball.

Our process is all about attention to detail. We handcraft these adorable figurines using polymer clay, ensuring they embody the personality and quirks of your pet. Their eyes, their expressions – we nail it all.

Then, the fun really starts. We hand-paint your customized keepsake, using the colours and markings that make your pet stand out from the rest. It's like having a miniature version of your furry friend to carry with you wherever you go.

And of course, we finish each piece with a glossy resin coat, so they'll keep looking fantastic and stay with you for the long run.

It's time to celebrate your pet's unique charm with a "Custom Kitty Keepsake." For just £16, you can carry a piece of your beloved companion wherever you go. 🐱💖

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